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XTX SoftGrip Clutch

New SOFTGRIP rope clutch

Xtx all colours

Optimised SOFTGRIP braid technology.

Drawing on experience in both mechanical and textile product design the new XTX Soft Grip Clutch uses a combination of new materials to offer mid load rope holding in a lightweight, compact device. Using an innovative new braided ‘soft grip’ technology to engage and hold a loaded line, the XTX benefits from being very ‘kind’ to the rope cover with a controlled and easy release.


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product info

•  Ultra-lightweight mid-load rope holding
•  Optimised SOFTGRIP braid with high-performance braid anchor technology
•  Gentle on rope covers - increase the lifecycle of your ropes
•  Neat, retracting toggle for fingertip control of clutching power
•  Controlled and consistent release across full range of loads
•  Push button clutch activation with lock-open indicator
•  Full enclosed body protects against accidental release
•  Small footprint and very low profile with no handle rotation space required
•  Simple, versatile installation – 2 fasteners for deck, bulkhead, rig or tunnel mounting
•  Remote release capability
•  Easy set-up, no performance tuning required
•  On-deck access for cleaning or replacing SOFTGRIP diameter changes


XTX08 - 360g
XTX10 - 365g

XTX12 - 375g

Ropes 8 - 12mm (5/16”-1/2”)
Loads up to 1200kg (2645lbs)


Xtx table website

Design your XTX SoftGrip Clutch

Xtx orange side with catch and with rope mr
Xtx black side with catch and with rope mr
Xtx blue side with catch and with rope mr
Xtx white side with catch and with rope
Xtx yellow side with catch and with rope mr
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