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XAS Clutch

Effortless multi-role clutch

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Multi role clutch with excellent performance across a wide rope range

Perfect for racing yachts up to to 27’ and cruising yachts up to 35’


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Product Info

  • XAS0408 (4-8mm) for high performance on small diameter lines
  • XAS0612 (6-12mm) for superb performance across the rope range
  • Easy access handle for effortless release
  • Line friendly
  • Side mountable
  • Endless line version
  • Handle labels supplied
  • Replaceable parts, easy to upgrade and maintain

XAS0408 for 4-8mm line gives optimised clutching and holding power on small diameter lines. Strongly recommend for sportsboats and other small boat high performance applications.

Standard XAS0612 can be converted for small diameter lines by using base module XAS-BASE0408

XAS Service Kit for 4-8mm lines

XAS Service Kit for 6-12mm lines



Lines: 4mm - 8mm (5/32" - 5/16")
Loads up to 400kg (880lbs)


Lines: 6mm - 12mm (1/4" - 1/2")
Loads up to 575kg (1270lbs)

Endless Line XAS/M

Solves the problem of loading a continuous furling line

These clutches are supplied as kits with open bullseyes to be assembled directly onto the line

Side Mounting

Side mounting is usually the neatest solution for spars, side decks and coamings

Weights & Fasteners


XAS Single - 270g (9.5oz)

XAS Double - 500g (17.5oz)

XAS Triple - 680g (23.8oz)


XAS Single - 2 x M6 (1/4") CSK Head (not supplied)

XAS Double - 4 x M6 (1/4") CSK Head (not supplied)

XAS Triple - 6 x M6 (1/4") CSK Head (not supplied)

Load Graph

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