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  • Holds up to 2350kg working load, 30% higher than the standard XX0812, yet still provides controlled release under load
  • XXC0812 delivers a 50% increase in power: weight, yet is 15% lighter
  • Lightened handle and body; locally reinforced with unidirectional carbon fibre and with critical components in Titanium*
  • Ceramic coated jaws hold hybrid covered lines at loads up to 2350kg and help resist heat generated at higher line speeds for extended jaw life
  • Optimised for high performance 8-12mm (5/16-1/2”) line diameters
  • Internal Torlon roller bearings ensure lasting performance and durability under high loads
  • Easy on-deck access for removing complete internal assembly even when banked together
  • Access ports for fresh water flushing 
  • Black, silver and amber versions available

NB: XXC is available with 17-4PH stainless steel parts for teams competing in classes where Titanium is prohibited

Lines: 8mm - 12mm (5/16" - 1/2")
Loads up to 2350kg

Lock Open - XXC0812/L

Allows line to run freely in or out with the handle closed

Ideal for applications such as spinnaker sheets and mainsheet when locking is rarely needed

Lifting the rear switch instantly applies clutching mode

Side Mount

Side mounting is the neatest solution for spars, side decks and coamings. Handed port or starboard; use bolted version for conventional installation, or bonded version for building directly into deck or rig to save installation weight


XXC0812 - 860g (30.33oz)

XX0812/HP - 870g (30.68oz)

XX0812/HS - 870g (30.68oz)

XXC0812/HBP - 850g (29.98oz)

XXC0812/HBS - 850g (29.98oz)


XX0812 - 2 x M8 (5/16") Titanium Hex Head (Supplied)

XX0812/HP - 5 x M6 (1/4") Titanium CSK Head (Supplied)

XX0812/HS - 5 x M6 (1/4") Titanium CSK Head (Supplied)

XXC0812/HBP - N/A (Bonded)

XXC0812/HBS - N/A (Bonded)

Choose XXC for working loads/diameters that can't be held reliably with conventional clutches but where the winch release of the ZS Jammer is impractical

Choose ZS for bigger diameters/high loads where winched release is  positive safety feature and instant release is unnecessary

Xx range graph 2015 01

XXC Powerclutch

Meets growing demand for an ultra high performance Clutch

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