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•  Spare part for Spinlock tiller extensions fitted with diabolo joints

•  Alternative to the E-JOINT and E-JOINTGP universal joints fitted to EA and EJ tiller Extensions

•  Windsurf style universal joint returns the extension to a vertical position when it is not in use

•  Used by short-handed sailors to keep the tiller extension clear from obstruction while steering by autopilot through manoeuvres

•  Non-mechanical helm feedback preferred by some while hand steering

•  Stiffer E-DIABOLO/J minimises ‘waving’ caused by tiller and boat motion when tiller is in vertical position

•  Used in Mini Transat, Class 40s, Figaro, Open 60s and many other boats that are predominantly tiller steered by autopilot

Diabolo option:

Tiller extensions from the 900 series range are supplied with slimmer E-DIABOLO

Tiller extensions from the 1200, 1600 series range are supplied with ‘jumbo’ E-DIABOLO/J


From £77.16
From €110.93
From $120.47
From €126.30
From €103.71
From $160.10
From €111.85
From £74.92
From €110.00
From £62.43
From €110.00
From $120.47

Convert or replace Spinlock tiller extensions with a Universal Joint

Tiller Extension Universal JUMBO Diabolo Joint