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  • High Load holding for use with braided fibre core and cover rope.

  • Secure load holding for extended periods

  • Models available with rope range from 8 – 18mm (5/16” – 11/16”)

  • For special applications models with a range up to 32mm (1 ¼”) available on request

  • Long parallel rope grip surface for minimal rope wear, available in two formats:

    Standard alloy

    Ceramic coated for long life, minimal rope wear, holding of high abrasion resistant rope & use with long rope runs or high line speed

  • Cannot be opened under load; suits applications where load control safety is paramount

  • Anodised aluminium monocoque design with replaceable plastic handle

  • UV and corrosion resistant

  • All Stainless steel metallic parts

  • Easy installation high load studs (supplied)

  • Can be side mounted to protect an open handle and for a low profile

  • Premium Product for extended use and safety

  • Scheduled maintenance required


Lines 8 – 10mm (5/16” – 3/8”)

WLL (Working Load Limit) = 375kg*


Lines 12 – 14mm (7/16” – 9/16”)

WLL (Working Load Limit) = 550kg*


Lines 16 – 18mm (5/8” – 11/16”)

WLL (Working Load Limit) = 1000kg*

*Note: Failure Load is dependent on the rope type/dia being used, typical failure mode will be rope slip or damage.


ZS0810 - 750g (26.3oz)
ZS1214 - 1190g (41.7oz)
ZS1618 - 2025g (70.9oz)


ZS0810 - 3 x M8 (5/16") stud, supplied
ZS1214 - 4 x M8 (5/16") stud, supplied
ZS1618 - 6 x M10 (3/8") stud, supplied

ZS Alloy Jammer

From £679.30
From €937.81
From $1,108.16
From €1,110.60
From €905.30
From $1,451.71
From $1,508.70
From €945.63
From £679.30
From €930.00
From €930.00
From £566.08
From €930.00

Unrivalled performance for larger diameters and high loads with the advantage of winch controlled release

ZS Alloy Jammer , Lines 8-10mm
ZS Alloy Jammer, Lines 12-14mm
ZS Alloy Jammer, Lines 16-18mm