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• Feather-light in the hand
• Ultimate responsive helm feel
• Spinlock’s iconic handle shape for fingertip control
• Lightweight carbon-fibre componentry
• Single piece integrated handle and inner tube
• All parts detailed for minimum weight
• Maximum use of carbon, titanium and 3D printed parts
• Production parts 3D printed
• Titanium E-Joint with fast-pin for easy removal when not in use
• Satin clear coat finish
• Available in 900, 1200, 1600 and 2000 lengths

• Custom paint finishes available

Special order only, please email spt@spinlock.co.uk

EAC900  299g (10.55oz)  600-900mm
EAC1200  339g (11.96oz) 750-1200mm
EAC1600  406g (14.32oz) 950-1600mm
EAC2000 461g (16.26oz) 1350-2000mm

EAC900      299g (10.55oz)

EAC1200    339g (11.96oz)

EAC1600    406g (14.32oz)

EAC2000    461g (16.26oz)

Fasteners:  2 x M5 (3/16”) supplied. CSK head.

EAC Carbon Tiller Extension

Engineered for performance, the EAC Tiller Extension is made of all carbon and titanium parts.

Special order only, please email spt@spinlock.co.uk