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Social ceramic cam and base

Ceramic Coated Rope Holding for most popular Spinlock Clutches

Social ceramic cam and base

Spinlock have extended the use of Ceramic finishes in its rope holding products to now include the popular XX0812, XTS and XCS Clutches.
Tested and proven with higher load rope holding products, Spinlock have recognised that users of its XX0812, XTS and XCS range of clutches, fitted to boats such as Beneteau, X-Yachts and J-Boat as well as racing boats 30 – 60 ft would all benefit from these new coatings. With developing rope performance and more powerful sails, loads continue to increase and diameters continue to reduce, leading to increased demands on mid load rope holding products.
Ceramic Coatings allow the Cam or Jaws to engage quicker on a loaded line, taking up the load faster and with less creep. On smaller dimeter lines this is particularly noticeable and once engaged the ceramic coated Cam or Jaws offer significantly improved consistent holding. Line speeds have increased dramatically on smaller modern race boats such as the 40ft classes, and ceramic coated parts offer increased resistance to abrasion and wear.
Ceramic Coated parts are available as upgrade kits for existing products as well as specified in new product.
It is recommend that for XTS and XCS Clutches that Ceramic Cam and Base are matched together.
CAM-0610/C : Ceramic CAM upgrade for 6mm – 10mm lines for XTS & XCS Clutch
CAM-0814/C : Ceramic CAM upgrade for 8mm – 14mm lines for XTS & XCS Clutch
X-BaseC : Ceramic Base upgrade for XTS & XCS Clutch
XXB-Kit : Ceramic Jaws for XX0812 Powerclutch

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