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Deckvest SOLAS 275

SOLAS hyväksytty pelastusliivi

from £240.00
from $299.00
from €318.40
from €345.26
from $512.90
from $611.52
from £240.00
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Duro solas 2018   front transparent 1 x 1
from £240.00
from $299.00
from €318.40
from €345.26
from $512.90
from $611.52
from £240.00
from €360.00
from £200.00

Deckvest SOLAS 275 – Kaksikammioinen pelastusliivi ammattikäyttöön. Sinne missä SOLAS hyväksyntä on vaatimuksena.

Suunniteltu käytettäväksi useimpien putoamissuojien kanssa, Deckvest SOLAS istuu mukavasti työvaatteiden päälle ja antaa vapaan liikkuvuuden.

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Product Info

  • Approved to latest 2010 SOLAS Standard
  • Structured shape and body for ultimate comfort & agility
  • Heavy duty outer cover
  • 275N Buoyancy - Twin Chamber
  • Fits and co-ordinates with most fall arrest harness
  • Heavy duty zip closure with protective covers
  • Single belt adjustment
  • Single 40mm wide easy access crotch strap 
  • Unique bladder shape lifts & supports body when in water
  • Automatic inflation – UML Mk 5
  • 2 x 60g cylinders
  • Floating 'buddy' line
  • Attachment for Chest Pack
  • Pylon™ Lifejacket Light included
  • Attachment for optional sprayhood
  • One size
  • Integrates with AIS MOB1 unit
  • Compatible with Lume-On™ lifejacket illumination lights
  • Often used commercially in wind farms, superyachts and oil rigs where SOLAS approved lifejackets are required
  • Logo printing available 



The DURO SOLAS 275N Twin Chamber lifejacket is approved to the following international standards:      

CE Approved ISO12402-2 Lifejacket
2010 SOLAS MSC200 (80)

Inflation System

The DURO SOLAS uses two UML Pro Sensor inflators.

This is a water sensitive activation system, that uses a compress paper capsule which dissolves when wet, which then releases a spring to puncture the CO2 cylinder.

The cap is designed so that only water flowing upwards through the unit will cause it to activate. Water, spray and rain running down the jacket will not cause activation.

The Pro Sensor has two indicators that show the status of the CO2 cylinder and firing head.

See: Inflation Systems Explained 

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Duro solas 2018   front

DW-SLS/A — SOLAS 275N Deckvest Lifejacket

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