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EAC Carbon Tiller Extension

Ultimate lightweight steering control

from €1,995.64
from $1,575.00
from $4,821.68
from €1,979.01
from $1,500.00
Eac carbon tiller extension   full
from €1,995.64
from $1,575.00
from $4,821.68
from €1,979.01
from $1,500.00

Engineered for performance, the EAC Tiller Extension is made of all carbon and titanium parts.

Special order only, please email spt@spinlock.co.uk


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product info

• Feather-light in the hand
• Ultimate responsive helm feel
• Spinlock’s iconic handle shape for fingertip control
• Lightweight carbon-fibre componentry
• Single piece integrated handle and inner tube
• All parts detailed for minimum weight
• Maximum use of carbon, titanium and 3D printed parts
• Production parts 3D printed
• Titanium E-Joint with fast-pin for easy removal when not in use
• Satin clear coat finish
• Available in 900, 1200, 1600 and 2000 lengths

• Custom paint finishes available

Special order only, please email spt@spinlock.co.uk


EAC900  299g (10.55oz)  600-900mm
EAC1200  339g (11.96oz) 750-1200mm
EAC1600  406g (14.32oz) 950-1600mm
EAC2000 461g (16.26oz) 1350-2000mm

Weights & fasteners

EAC900      299g (10.55oz)

EAC1200    339g (11.96oz)

EAC1600    406g (14.32oz)

EAC2000    461g (16.26oz)

Fasteners:  2 x M5 (3/16”) supplied. CSK head.


Spinlock offer next day shipping when ordered by 1pm local time. However due to demand web orders are currently shipping 48hrs after orders placed before 1pm local. 
Orders shipping to UK address are sent on a next day delivery service. 
Orders shipping to addresses outside the UK are sent on 3-5 working day service.
All orders will receive a tracking number.
If you have any questions related to your delivery please contact orders@spinlock.co.uk.
For full details please read our Terms & Conditions.

Buy your EAC Carbon Tiller Extension

Eac carbon tiller extension   extended

EAC/1200 — Ultra Lightweight Full Carbon Tiller Extension 750-1200mm

€1,995.64 inc VAT


$4,821.68 inc GST

€1,979.01 inc Tax


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