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Winner 2

Winnaar van de 2015 DAME award

Spinlock is de trotse winnaar van de 2015 DAME award die voor de 25 st keer werd uitgereikt op de METS..


Spinlock is zeer verheugt om met de Lume-on reddingsvest lichten de DAME Award  gewonnen te hebben, niet alleen in de catogorie Lifesaving and safety equipment, maar ook overall.


Jury Comments:

"The DAME Jury always welcomes rethinking of everyday items of marine equipment, especially when it leads to enhanced safety at a price point that is affordable by all. Spinlock’s Lume-On is a tiny LED light that attaches underneath the bladder of any lifejacket. When activated, it uses the bladder as a diffuser, turning the whole lifejacket into a glowing light. Designed to work alongside existing lifejacket lights and sold in pairs, the Lume-On’s cleverness of thought, simplicity of application and very accessible cost was widely admired by the Jury. An excellent joint winner of the DAME Awards, perfectly illustrating the value of design in every detail, however small the item."

More information on the DAME winners here.

Lume on winner 01


Spinlock kreeg ook een speciale aanbeveling voor de Rig-Sense, de nieuwe stag spannings meter. 

Jury Comments:

"The Jury recognised this as well designed re-work of a traditional piece of equipment using modern technology. Spinlock’s Rig-Sense was developed to generate consistent and repeatable measurement of loads on 2mm-5mm wire and fibre. It utilises a calibrated composite leaf spring to output load readings to an App. These measurements are displayed in kilogrammes without the need for calculations on tables."


Rig sense special mention 01